The Danish Association of Architectural Firms

Established in 1960, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms (DANSKE ARK) is the Danish association of private firms of consulting architects. Danske Ark's objective is to represent the commercial interests of practising architects and, in its capacity as impartial consultant to building clients, strengthen the position, quality level and professionalism of its member firms.

The members of DANSKE ARK are private firms of consulting architects that are charged with architectural assignments and where the day-to-day management is undertaken by at least one person who has worked as a full-time architect for a minimum period of five years, including two years as a self-employed person or responsible leader. These persons at the senior executive level usually have an educational background from the national schools of architects or Polytecnic's.

To qualify for membership of DANSKE ARK, the firms are also required to have a professional liability insurance to cover any claims for damages that might be advanced in conjunction with the assignments performed in compliance with the provisions of the General Conditions for Consultancy and Assistance 1989 (ABR 89). This means that assignments are covered for a period of five years from the date of handing-over.

DANSKE ARK has about 800 ordinary and associated member firms, which - combined - employ about 5000 persons and account for about 85-90% of the aggregate building contract sums in Denmark.

In the collective bargaining process DANSKE ARK negotiates the general agreements on pay and working conditions etc. of the technical staff who are in the employment of the member firms. DANSKE ARK negotiates fees and standards for architectural work with individual clients, private client organisations and public authorities. DANSKE ARK also participates in negotiations with public authorities on tax aspects, prices and profit legislation, regulations on competitive tendering, liability and insurance matters as well as building assignment procedures, quality assurance and other terms relating to the professional activities of the member firms. DANSKE ARK also contributes to the establishment of a platform for the export efforts of the member firms.

At the international level, DANSKE ARK promotes - through its membership of the Architects' Council of Europe (ACE) - the interests of its member firms on a global scale and in relation to the EU, in particular. DANSKE ARK is also engaged in extensive co-operation with its sister organisations in the other Nordic countries.

Moreover, together with the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, the Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, the Danish Construction Association, and others, DANSKE ARK is actively involved in committee work aimed at legislative initiatives and joint development projects of a professional and technological nature.

DANSKE ARK issues instructive and informative publications of professional as well as general interest. DANSKE ARK is represented on a wide array of public and private committees and in Danish and foreign organisations with whom they share the same professional interests.

See facts about Danish Association of Architectural Firms here (in english) and presentations of the individual member companies here (in danish)

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