White arkitekter A/S

White arkitekter A/S
Nyt Psykiatrisk Sygehus, Aabenraa
White arkitekter A/S
The eyes of Runavik – boliger på Færørerne
White arkitekter A/S
Lyngby Lofts – Grøn bebyggelse med 44 nye boliger
20160317T150036Hasle Havnebad_foto Signe Find Larsen_7.jpg
White arkitekter A/S
Hasle Havnebad Foto: Signe Find Larsen
White arkitekter A/S
Nyt Flisværk i Næstved
White arkitekter A/S
Ældrecenter Elmelunden – 70 nye plejeboliger opført som Lavenergiklasse 2015.
Om  White arkitekter A/S

White Architects is Scandinavia’s largest architecture firm. Deeply rooted in the Nordic design tradition and values, we work on projects around the world – driven by our deep interest in society and places.

White’s architecture is contextual because we do not believe in universal forms, empty canvases, or individual spaces, but rather in complex relationships between the light, structure, history, materials, techniques, and people that create a certain atmosphere and experience – a ”place” which architecture should be sensitive to.

The ”place” should inspire our work, and we aspire to fuse the qualities of the particular place with the functional requirements of the programme. Because we are convinced that the added aesthetic value of our projects comes from the context, we see our projects as part of holistic eco-systems – not as individual monoliths meant to conquer the space.

Our work is developed and supported through ongoing debate and research facilitated by ’White Research Lab’ and institutionalized knowledge-sharing facility across the company.

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